15.07.2013. О фестивале в Великом Новгороде

Сегодня на сайте Европейской конфедерации волейбола опубликована информация об открытом областном фестивале пляжного волейбола, прошедшем в минувшие выходные в Великом Новгороде, текст которой мы приводим.

Velikiy Novgorod hosts Beach Volleyball Festival with 108 teams in attendance
News from the National Federations

Velikiy Novgorod, Russia, July 15, 2013. The city of Velikiy Novgorod played host this past weekend to yet another Beach Volleyball Festival as one of Russia’s most ancient cities welcomed a total of 108 teams starring juniors, seniors, amateurs, journalists and VIPs also from neighboring Belarus and Ukraine. A total of 8 Beach Volleyball courts were set up right on the banks of the Volkhov River under the walls of the local Kremlin.

15-VelikiyNovThe participating teams did represent many of the various regions and administrative units of the Russian Federation and the organizers were extremely glad to welcome also one duo from the USA. T-shirts and other gadgets were distributed to the players; 150,000 rubles – around 3,500 € — were at stake in the tournament joined by professional players. The tournament included also the election of Miss and Mister Beach Volleyball who received crowns made of birch bark, one of the trademark products of the city where the very first birch bark manuscript was also found.